Post and Pre Pregnancy Fitness Training

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Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness Training

For most women, some sort of exercise is an important part of their daily lives. But what happens once you are pregnant? Do you just sit still and wait for the baby to be born? Or do you keep exercising at the extreme level you maybe trained at before the pregnancy? Many women are scared that they will harm their unborn baby by being physically active, but on the contrary, they are actually harming themselves by just sitting around.

Research has found no negative effects on the unborn through exercising, so your worry is over. In fact, exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, if not all days, has many positive effects like:

– better posture especially during the third trimester and less back pain
– strengthening of the muscles needed for labor
– make you feel good about yourself and your appearance, therefore improving your mood
– improves your energy level especially at the beginning of the pregnancy when you tend to feel tired and exhausted
– avoids excessive weight gain
– relieves some discomforts and complications like leg cramps, constipation or gestational diabetes
– keeps your fitness level up
– helps you sleep better
Keeping yourself fit during pregnancy can help ease labor pain and give you a healthy baby. The fetus gets the same cardiac benefits from training as a normal adult: a lower heart rate and an improved nervous system in the heart. So when exercising you are improving your baby’s health while improving your own.

Also, many women are concerned about getting back into shape after pregnancy as social pressure is high to look good and be in shape again quickly. Staying fit during the pregnancy helps you to not excessively gain weight and to get back into shape quickly after giving birth.

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