Personal Fitness Training

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personal fitness training newport beach
A Successful Fitness Program is often the first step toward physical fitness.

The benefit of having a personal trainer design your program is that the program will be all encompassing, safe and very sucessful.

Lesa Devol Training offers both In-Home or Studio Weight Training and we design training programs specific to individual clients needs.

The benefits of a professionally designed program include:

  • Correcting Muscle Imbalances And Conditioning The Body
  • Focusing On Certain Body Parts i.e. Chest And Arms, the Stomach And Thighs, Abs And Shoulders
  • Burning Fat While Saving Muscle Mass For A “Beach Body”
  • Increasing Raw Strength
  • Improving Overall Athletic Conditioning
  • Correcting Muscle Imbalances That Have Developed Over The Years
  • Adding Overall Muscle Mass And Strength
  • Adding Strength And Muscle Size
  • Improving Muscle Tone And Muscle Shape
  • Building Maximum Strength And Flexibility
  • Improving Sport Specific Power And Strength