Coconut Water/Green/Protein Breakfast Drink~

1/2 liter  Zico coconut water,  100 calories, 720 mg potassium, 5 essential electrolytes, gluten free

1 cup crushed ice

4 cups Fresh Kale leaf’s,  60 calories

4 cup Fresh Spinach, 60 calories

2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon juice, 0 calories

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 or 2 shakes of red cayennne pepper to taste ” Good for your metabolism”

Valencia Orange “Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops to taste”

2 inches Ginger, 5 ~ 7 calories, organic minced ginger ” the ginger people” mother market, great for your digestion system.  {check out my lemon ginger dressing }

1~ 2 oz of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar {AVC} Good for digestion

1 or 2 scoops ” Vegan Sport Protein” 90 calories in one scoop and 8 grams protein and 14 Sugars, 180 calories in 2 scoops and 16 grams protein,28 sugars. It Brown Rice Sweetened and Stevia extract.

Throw it all in the blender, on puree for 1 to 3 min or sooooo, I like  mine more icy then foamy~

Total calories ~310

You can add 2 more scoops of protein &  share this with  a friend or  with your loved one ~  add’s  180 calories ~ the healthy choice Breakfast ~  just put it in your  big gulp cup and out the door in 5 min, fueled for the morning with all your yummy greens and protein~

Let me know what you think ~

~ Like it ~ love it~ or ~  Got to have it ~ Enjoy ~