On the Go Healthy snacks

* 23  Almonds  {162 calories}

*Apple wedges dipped in 1 tablespoon almond butter

*Greek yogurt  ~ 20 grams protein  {120 calories}

*Protein bar  { Power Crunch or Kind } HEB Or Trader Joe’s, 200 calories.

*Fresh veggies dipped in hummus

* Edamame~ 1/2 cup has 10 grams protein  {120 calories}

* 1/2 Yam & 1/2 cup cottage cheese

* 10 frozen purple grapes  {20 calories}

* 24 Annie’s chocolate chip bunny graham cookies {140 calories}

* 10 Strawberries rolled in confectioners sugar {71 calories}

* Protein Shake~ Vegan Sport Protein{ apple berry} add to 8oz coconut water     ~ Yummy ~

1 cup unsweetened almond milk and ice  {175 calories}

Add 1/2 banana  {45calories}

Add 1 tablespoon almond butter   {95 calories}



Yummy Ginger Lemon Dressing~

2  Lemons  { the juice }

1  Tablespoon  Lemon Zest

1  Tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 1/2  or 2   Tablespoon”s  Organic Raw  Honey

1/2 or 1  Tablespoon~  minced ginger, Whole Foods ” the ginger people in a jar ”

1/4   Cup olive oil or add a splash~

1 Cup rice wine vinegar

Sea salt & Fresh Pepper to taste

Blend in Blender  for one minute  it make it creamy

Keeps for one week in Refrigerator

Clean & Healthy !

Ginger is very GOOD for your Digestion

Think Fresh ~  ENJOY !


Healthy snack/ Lunch

Turkey Tacos

  • 2 Romaine Lettuce Leaves
  • Squirt of Dijon Mustard
  • 2 Slices of Turkey (non processed, sulfite free)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Hot house Cucumber
  • Avocado slices
  • Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Fold all ingredients inside the 2 lettuce leaves, roll-up and enjoy!

It’s more Than a SALAD

3 cucumbers

8 Stalks of  celery

1 or 2 cups Coconut Water

1 juice of a Lime

1 head Romaine Lettuce

2 Tomatoes

1 Shallot (onion, yes onion)

Handful Parsley

Dash of Pink Salt

Put it all in a blender and you got your salad to GO~

Makes enough for two 32 oz~


Love It~ ~ Like It ~  or  ~ Got to Have It    ~  Enjoy ~

Coconut Water/Green/Protein Breakfast Drink~

1/2 liter  Zico coconut water,  100 calories, 720 mg potassium, 5 essential electrolytes, gluten free

1 cup crushed ice

4 cups Fresh Kale leaf’s,  60 calories

4 cup Fresh Spinach, 60 calories

2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon juice, 0 calories

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 or 2 shakes of red cayennne pepper to taste ” Good for your metabolism”

Valencia Orange “Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops to taste”

2 inches Ginger, 5 ~ 7 calories, organic minced ginger ” the ginger people” mother market, great for your digestion system.  {check out my lemon ginger dressing }

1~ 2 oz of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar {AVC} Good for digestion

1 or 2 scoops ” Vegan Sport Protein” 90 calories in one scoop and 8 grams protein and 14 Sugars, 180 calories in 2 scoops and 16 grams protein,28 sugars. It Brown Rice Sweetened and Stevia extract.

Throw it all in the blender, on puree for 1 to 3 min or sooooo, I like  mine more icy then foamy~

Total calories ~310

You can add 2 more scoops of protein &  share this with  a friend or  with your loved one ~  add’s  180 calories ~ the healthy choice Breakfast ~  just put it in your  big gulp cup and out the door in 5 min, fueled for the morning with all your yummy greens and protein~

Let me know what you think ~

~ Like it ~ love it~ or ~  Got to have it ~ Enjoy ~


Cancer fighting Detox Salad~


This is a wonderful recipe to use the food processor to prepare:

Grade all of the below:

1 Apple~  2 carrots~ 2 celery stakes~ 1 medium beet~ Zest of one lemon~ juice of one lemon. Mix all together with the lemon juice.  Great Healthy Snack, I love to triple  the recipe , keeps for a couple days ….. Yummy  Enjoy !!!

APPLE~ Contains malic and tartaric acids which inhibit the growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract. Contains pectin which removes cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury and residues of radiation. Cleansing for the liver and beneficial for the gallbladder.

CARROT~ Improves  liver function and stimulates the elimination of wastes. It also eliminates putrefactive bacteria in the intestines that cause poor assimilation.

CELERY~ Calms an aggravated liver, improves digestion, purifies the blood, and clears digestive fermentation. Combining celery with lemon has been used in the past as a remedy for colds and headaches.

BEETS~ Purifies the blood, aids the liver, moistens the intestines and helps stop constipation.

LEMON~ Destroys putrefactive bacteria in both the intestines and mouth, encourages bile in the liver and cleanses  the blood.

This recipe come from the Cancer fighting kitchen cook book.