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[pullquote style=”right”]Success Means Living Your Lifestyle Changes[/pullquote]Lesa has been a Certified Fitness Specialist for over 25 years.  Her experience enables her to design a prescription around her clients unique health and fitness needs.  She motivates and encourages her clients through custom fitness and nutritional plans to live a healthier lifestyle.  Her clients have included general health enthusiasts, rehab and injury patients, pre and post pregnancy and tri-athletes.

Lesa holds certifications in Indoor Cycling, AED, CPR and First Aid. She specializes in General/Senior Fitness, Stretch Therapy One-on-One, training techniques in Core, Stability, Strength and Circuit, TRX Training, Private and Group Yoga, Nutritional Counseling and Pre and Post Pregnancy Training. Lesa offers One-on-One, Partner & Couples Training, as well as Boot Camps for both men and women.  Her programs involve strength training, cardio, vascular and flexibility training, weight loss programs, pre and post pregnancy training programs with the use of isometric exercise, free weights and stat of the art equipment.  And most importantly, learning to have fun while getting fit!


Irvine Valley College- Irvine, California
Certificate in Fitness  Specialist

lesa devol trx training
TRX Training Certified


Fitness Specialist

Indoor Cycling

AED….CPR and First Aid


trx certified

healthy moms fitness
Certified in Healthy Moms Fitness Program



Over  25 years in Personal Training


  • General/ Senior Fitness
  • Stretch therapy one on one
  • Core & Stability & Strength & Circuit  Training
  • TRX Training
  • Private & Group yoga
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Pre & Post Pregnancy
  • One on One / Partner / Couples Training
  • Boot Camps for men and women


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