coconut water

~ The healthy alternative to sports drinks ~

100% natural, 5 essential electrolytes,  670 mg potassium  49% more than one whole banana  {450 mg}

~ 60 calories ~

Assures rapid hydration and replenishment ~  Zero fat~ Zero cholesterol ~  Zero sugar added.

~  My favorite is  ZICO coconut water  ~

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Studies show that people who skip breakfast are 40% more likely to be overweight than those who eat something within 90 minute of waking up. Stick to something balanced in protein and complex carb’s, such as eggs with whole grain  bread  {Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread from Trader Joe”s or HEB,  protein Shake {Vegan Sport Protein, HEB } My Green Drink, Oatmeal with 1 Tablespoon almond butter,  Slice of Ezekiel toast with 1 Tablespoon  almond butter { Quick and out the door}   Fuel your Body!

Sexy abs

Sideways crunches~

Lie on your right side.Bend both knees and extend your right arm, resting your head on the outstretched arm. For stability, be sure the hourglass curve of your waistline is pressed into the mat. Crunch up, contracting the muscles on your right side. Lift your upper body toward your raised hip. Do 8~15 crunches on each side. Exhale on you lift up…. Breath & enjoy…

Belly Fat Exercise

Front Planks ~

Assume a modified push up on your elbows and toes. Your body will form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Pull your abs in but don’t stick out your butt. hold this position with a straight body for the prescribed amount of time! Start with 30 seconds work up to one minute, 2~3 times a day! You will have Killer abs  in just 30 days!

NO Soda’s

Carbonated beverages {anything with little bubbles} are a source of air in the belly ~

and that extends your abdomen. And all that sugar 9 tablespoon in one coke!  Stick to water, a well~hydrated body is a thin body!

You can add to your water  ~ Flavor  Stevia  Drops, {Whole Foods or Central market }

From Lemon to Root Beer

Valencia Orange is my favorite …

Or Fresh Oranges, mint, cucumber ~

Things to Avoid

Anything that contains :

Corn Syrup ~ High Fructose ~ Aspartame ~ Sweet and low ~ Hydrogenated oil ~

Fried foods ~  Fast foods ~   Process foods ~ Junk foods ~

Healthy Alternatives ~  Honey ~ Raw Sugar ~ Stevia ~  Olive oil,

Organic Coconut Oil  { Trader Joe”s or Whole Foods or Central Market }

On the Go Healthy snacks

* 23  Almonds  {162 calories}

*Apple wedges dipped in 1 tablespoon almond butter

*Greek yogurt  ~ 20 grams protein  {120 calories}

*Protein bar  { Power Crunch or Kind } HEB Or Trader Joe’s, 200 calories.

*Fresh veggies dipped in hummus

* Edamame~ 1/2 cup has 10 grams protein  {120 calories}

* 1/2 Yam & 1/2 cup cottage cheese

* 10 frozen purple grapes  {20 calories}

* 24 Annie’s chocolate chip bunny graham cookies {140 calories}

* 10 Strawberries rolled in confectioners sugar {71 calories}

* Protein Shake~ Vegan Sport Protein{ apple berry} add to 8oz coconut water     ~ Yummy ~

1 cup unsweetened almond milk and ice  {175 calories}

Add 1/2 banana  {45calories}

Add 1 tablespoon almond butter   {95 calories}



Yummy Ginger Lemon Dressing~

2  Lemons  { the juice }

1  Tablespoon  Lemon Zest

1  Tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 1/2  or 2   Tablespoon”s  Organic Raw  Honey

1/2 or 1  Tablespoon~  minced ginger, Whole Foods ” the ginger people in a jar ”

1/4   Cup olive oil or add a splash~

1 Cup rice wine vinegar

Sea salt & Fresh Pepper to taste

Blend in Blender  for one minute  it make it creamy

Keeps for one week in Refrigerator

Clean & Healthy !

Ginger is very GOOD for your Digestion

Think Fresh ~  ENJOY !


Healthy snack/ Lunch

Turkey Tacos

  • 2 Romaine Lettuce Leaves
  • Squirt of Dijon Mustard
  • 2 Slices of Turkey (non processed, sulfite free)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Hot house Cucumber
  • Avocado slices
  • Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Fold all ingredients inside the 2 lettuce leaves, roll-up and enjoy!

It’s more Than a SALAD

3 cucumbers

8 Stalks of  celery

1 or 2 cups Coconut Water

1 juice of a Lime

1 head Romaine Lettuce

2 Tomatoes

1 Shallot (onion, yes onion)

Handful Parsley

Dash of Pink Salt

Put it all in a blender and you got your salad to GO~

Makes enough for two 32 oz~


Love It~ ~ Like It ~  or  ~ Got to Have It    ~  Enjoy ~